The First of Many Steps to a Better World

Hello World!

My name is Sasha. You may or may not know that I was running a fashion blog for the past few years. I stopped keeping up with the blog and I lost my passion for it. My posting became infrequent for many reasons but one of them being that I did not see the point anymore. I was beginning to feel like a sell-out; I would post just for a free piece of clothing or to get another like or follower.

Needless to say, I needed to make a change.

Last year I took a class in environmental studies where I learned how harmful the fashion industry was to the environment. When I started at Parsons School of Design, I wanted to focus all of my studies on fashion but specifically how to make it more sustainable to make a better planet for all of us. Then a lightbulb went off…

I could use my blog to educate and help create a better planet. The fashion industry is harming everyone… So why can’t it help instead? This blog will be dedicated to educating (and learning myself) how to make fashion more sustainable and less harmful to the planet and the global community.

We can make a change one person at a time. I dare you to step forward on this challenge with me to make a better planet starting with our closets. Lets do this.