Hey hey, homies. I’m Sasha. You would think after my experience writing Tinder bios for me and all my friends I would be better at writing about my life to total strangers. Well, I’m not. Whoops. Here’s a bit about me.

The resume in a nutshell: I am I student at Parsons School of Design where I study management and design. I have worked in overpriced denim for about four years. I have interned with Nordstrom and Christian Siriano. I volunteer every year coaching kids to be the best versions of themselves. To top it off I have been attempting to run a fashion blog for many, MANY moons.

My personality in a nutshell: I travel. I watch a lot of movies. I tend to be an overachiever. I listen to music in my car WAY too loud and with the windows down even when it’s freezing out. I still buy all of my music and use an iPod nano. I have catch phrase phases.  I live in New York and love to have random crazy adventures with my friends.

My beliefs in a nutshell: Be the person you want to be friends with and look up to. Surround yourself with people that value you and also brings value to you. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. The work you put in are the results you get out.

Yep. Still not as good as my witty Tinder bio, though.